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How to measure harness fit

HOW TO MEASURE YOUR DOG: It is very important to get the correct measurements for your dog to make sure the harness fits fine. Sizing guide is in each model description so you can just take the tape measure and make sure the size fits. You need to measure your dogs girth- this is 2 […]

European organic pet care Always Your Friend Pet

Here at Always Your Friend we know that dogs love us unconditionally and we share the same strong feeling. After searching for a good pet shampoo we realised that there wasn’t one out there meeting our demanding criteria for a healthy wash. The know-how was there, and after forming a team of experts, we created […]


Biothane trademark is made in Holmesis, Ohios and still owned by the family who begun manufacturing it from 1977. What is Biothane? It is a coated webbing that can be used to make different animal friendly products mainly for dogs, cats, horses etc. The webbing is from polyester and coated with TPU or PVC to […]

Leather origins

Leather is one of the oldest materials humans have used in clothing with animals and household items. Dogily is using oiled vegetable tanned leather which is a side product of food industry. This is leather that no animals are killed for. We try to use domestic leather if possible to keep the footprint as tiny […]