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How to measure harness fit

Dog harness measurement guide


It is very important to get the correct measurements for your dog to make sure the harness fits fine.
Sizing guide is in each model description so you can just take the tape measure and make sure the size fits.

You need to measure your dogs girth- this is 2 fingers away from the front legs. To make sure the harness will not chafe into armpits.

Then we have made it important to get the right figures for the neck straps- which need to be like a comfortably loose collar that fits easy over the head and sits comfortably on the collarbones.

Last but not least- the underbelly strap must connect the two. So you now know how you measured the front straps and girth- just connect the dots and you get a correct measurement for underbelly.

✔️ Get some treats and get your dog up on all fours. Praise!
✔️  With a soft tape measure get its chest girth 1 or 2 fingers behind the dog’s front legs (measure 2).
✔️  Then measure the chest around the shoulders and the shoulder blades (measure 1)
✔️  The tape measure must be comfortably fitting, but not too tight.
✔️  Please note that the measures 1 and 4 are circumferences!
✔️  Measure twice, just to be sure. Praise the dog with treats!

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European organic pet care Always Your Friend Pet

Here at Always Your Friend we know that dogs love us unconditionally and we share the same strong feeling.

After searching for a good pet shampoo we realised that there wasn’t one out there meeting our demanding criteria for a healthy wash. The know-how was there, and after forming a team of experts, we created the first ultra-premium shampoo series with beneficial organic ingredients without the use of unsafe substances. If you try Always Your Friend Pet shampoos, you will see results from the first wash. This is because we treat your dog equally to your high standards.

Our products use Organic Virgin Olive Oil, Essential Oils and Organic Aloe Vera while they are Gluten Free, with No GMOs, SLS, Parabens, Artificial Colours and other harmful chemicals.

AYFP is making Premium Handmade products for the health and wellness of your pet. We believe that a shampoo can achieve the best possible results without the use of unsafe chemical substances and genetically modified ingredients. No Parabens, No SLS!
All products are made with natural ingredients grown from mother Earth. Almost all products include Organic Aloe Vera known for its amazing properties on skin care, Organic Olive Oil known for its moisturizing properties with antioxidants and a number of Essential Oils depending on the care product.
Protecting your dog from unexpected behaviour or diseases is our first priority. AYFP has high standards following a healthy path to your dog wellness. There is no use of thickening additives, the products are gluten free, by not using WheatBarley or Rye and there are no artificial colors and alcohol.
AYFP pet products are pH-balanced. The natural ingredients used are Antioxidant, Anti-bacterial,  Anti-fungal and Anti-inflammatory.They help Preventing redness,  itching, Correcting dry skin & dry coat, Healthy for coats, Beneficial for skin, Giving natural shine,  Help Healing wounds, with Calming effect on irritated skin, with Moisturizing properties, Strengthening the hair shaft & skin, Counteracting eczema, Helping peeling skin & fragile coat, Making brushing easier, Fighting hair loss and Repairing damaged coat.
Rich in minerals, vitamins, and enzymes.  Balance and Restore your best friend at 100%.

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Biothane trademark is made in Holmesis, Ohios and still owned by the family who begun manufacturing it from 1977.

What is Biothane?
It is a coated webbing that can be used to make different animal friendly products mainly for dogs, cats, horses etc. The webbing is from polyester and coated with TPU or PVC to make it very durable, waterproof and low maintenance.

Biothane is only manufactured in one factory in Ohio and due to strongly investing into R&D they are able to launch several new products each year. Biothane is covered with ISO 9001:2015 certificate. Trademark owner and manufacturer is BioThane Coated Webbing Corp.

When to prefer Biothane over Leather?
Because it is more durable, no stretch, low maintenance and waterproof. It also comes in a large variety of colors and widths. The strength is over 300kg per inch. Beta is a coating that seems soft and leathery to the touch. It will remain soft in cold temperatures and is perfect for harness, belts, equestrian products etc.

Biothane is also stink proof when wet. Meaning the wet dog smell will not stick to the product. Just wash with soap and water and you are good to go again. Only when in contact with certain chemicals, like DEET, the material becomes sticky.

Please allow the animal skin to breathe when using any kind of harness or collar. Especially those prone to hotspots.

Dogily is using the original Biothane Beta 520 SuperFlex and Standard.

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Leather origins

Leather is one of the oldest materials humans have used in clothing with animals and household items.

Dogily is using oiled vegetable tanned leather which is a side product of food industry. This is leather that no animals are killed for. We try to use domestic leather if possible to keep the footprint as tiny as possible. Please be noted that any scarring in our leather is normal because the hides are not from cage animals.

Vegetable tan uses natural materials in the tanning process. This results leather to be soft and age nicely when used. At the same time vegetable tan does not cause such strong allergic reactions as a chrome leather might. Chrome tan is used in car industry, upholstery, clothing, accessories, handbags etc that need to be durable to scratches and is not in direct contact with skin.

Leather we use is positive leather using cycle because the food industry does not use it and other ways the same hides would just end up rotting in landfill. We respect the animals of food industry to not let it go to waste. Meat consumption is growing every year which means more hides are taken to landfill or being treated for other industries to use them. At the same time tanneries create jobs and help grow local economy.  Almost 100% of hides that are taken to tanneries in Europe come from food industry. The more people’s wealth grows the more they eat meat and that is how the cycle goes. If these hides are not taken to tanneries, it will simply go to waste in landfill and end up rotting.
By using European hides and leather we can control that the industry complies to standards set by EU and that tanneries will not have their tanning waste substances straight back to pollute the nature. Today the EU regulations are so strict that all the tanning industry is much cleaner and eco friendlier than whatever fake fur or fake leather production. We are very happy that meat industry regulations also move towards respecting the animals and they are treated humanely.

We do not support fur industry, so rest assured. The reason is that fur animals are grown only for their hides and not for anything else. Animal activists usually mix those two and treat both leather industries with the same hostility. That is not necessary- we love and respect animals!


Care for vegetable tan leather:

  • YES – oil and care with leather conditioners. Do not use shoe polish!
  • YES – clean regularly with leather cleaner and brush
  • YES – use with dry weather
  • YES – leather will stretch, this is normal
  • YES – when the product is damp or even wet- set it into well ventilated place to dry up and then condition it thoroughly
  • NO – do not use when raining or going swimming
  • NO – do not use with other than pets
  • NO – these are not for punishing! Treat your pet with love and respect
  • NO – do not allow your pet to chew the products up. This product is all natural leather and your pet will finish it off fast