BioThane dog harness Bandit

Mudproof BioThane dog harness, comfortable wear dog harness, swimming dog waterproof harness

This is the most comfortable BioThane harness you will ever have! It will not twist around and is comfortable, carefree and looks awesome.

Excellent and specially easy to wear medium-large dog water and mudproof harness from Biothane. Base color (underbelly strap) is black.

Biothane straps are 1″ wide – choose color when checkout.

Biothane underbelly strap (measurement 3) is black and from 1 1/2″ a wider and stronger strap.

When choosing the set with lead- by default the lead will be a matching color to your choice but you can choose a black one- use the personalisation section to let me know. 🙂

Lead clip is on the back only.

Please always make sure the hook is pushed all the way though so it does not slip open!

Solid metal, BioThane, Rivets, Heavy Duty Welded Metals

– Custom made dog harness;
– Handmade in Estonia;
– 100% genuine BioThane produced in USA;
– Hardware: stainless steel, heavy duty welded metals;


– Custom measurements
– For minor size customisations please write a note. Those will not be charged extra but you should respect a longer processing time.
– Custom orders will not be subject to return or change.


This dog harness comes in 6 colour options: yellow, gold, army olive, grey, black or laguna blue. BioThane is very easy to maintain and very strong material due to the webbing inside the straps.

BioThane harness comes in standard width 1″ =2,5cm.

Size: Measure 1 Measure 4 Measure 3

S 45-60cm. / 42cm / 20cm
M 58-72cm / 52cm / 22 cm
L 74-85cm / 62cm / 24 cm
XL 83-98cm / 72cm / 26 cm


Custom harness measuring guide here.


If you have any questions, please drop me a message. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.


Softly hanging collar that passes over head smoothly and sits comfortably on collarbone

Softly hanging collar straps that sit comfortably on collarbone and pass over head smoothly



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