Biotaanist tirimisvastase esikinnitusega koera traksid Ramsey

Dog harness non pull genuine biothane Ramsey

Genuine biothane harness Ramsey. Super nice material for swimming, muddy weather and wet conditions. Very low maintenance. This is a very strong and great material that will keep even the big dogs at bay. An additional ring added to allow front attachment for pulling dogs. The primary color is grey or blue with black details. The rivets are also in black.
Harness 3 points for leash attachment. Using a chest ring with training will relieve pulling for some dogs. Back of the neck and back are just for owner convenience. Please understand that when using a retractable leash – this will never relieve pulling because it holds constant tension and teaches the dog that it is a normal feeling. When using chest ring, consider using a regular leash to go with it.

Solid metal, Biothane, Rivets, Heavy Duty Welded Metals

– Handmade Item;
– Made in Estonia;
– 100% genuine Biothane produced in USA;
– Hardware: stainless steel, plated heavy duty welded metals;


– Custom measurements
– For minor size customisations please write a note. Those will not be charged extra but you should respect a longer processing time.
– Custom orders will not be subject to return or change.


This dog harness comes in two base color options: grey or laguna blue. Biothane is very easy to maintain and very strong material due to the webbing inside the straps. Biothane harness comes in standard width 1″ =2,5cm.
Size: Measure 1 Measure 4
S 60-70cm 45cm
M 68-82cm 54cm
L 80-90cm 62cm


Custom harness measuring guide here.


Softly hanging collar straps that sit comfortably on collarbone and pass over head smoothly



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