Olive color leather dog leash 2m Miley

Dog leash braided leather, Miley

A genuine vegetable tan grease leather dog leash in desired length. You can choose a comfortable length to have the dog walking and sniffing around. Please pay attention to surroundings when walking!

Please do not go swimming in leather gear!

All the metal components are welded “dog grade” rings. I’m also using rivets to ensure secure and durable product. Note- you are responsible to train your dog to behave well when on leash. This leash is not a punishment or to hold dragons. Please see leather care instructions on our “how to” section and understand that leather is a natural material that stretches.

Metal used is brass.
Leash width is 1,5cm

Please check our collars  and harness selection available where you can find perfect matches with this leash.

Please allow shipping to take time depending on your location. Usually in Europe it will be ~10 days, everywhere else ~21-30 days.


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