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How to measure harness fit

Dog harness measurement guide


It is very important to get the correct measurements for your dog to make sure the harness fits fine.
Sizing guide is in each model description so you can just take the tape measure and make sure the size fits.

You need to measure your dogs girth- this is 2 fingers away from the front legs. To make sure the harness will not chafe into armpits.

Then we have made it important to get the right figures for the neck straps- which need to be like a comfortably loose collar that fits easy over the head and sits comfortably on the collarbones.

Last but not least- the underbelly strap must connect the two. So you now know how you measured the front straps and girth- just connect the dots and you get a correct measurement for underbelly.

✔️ Get some treats and get your dog up on all fours. Praise!
✔️  With a soft tape measure get its chest girth 1 or 2 fingers behind the dog’s front legs (measure 2).
✔️  Then measure the chest around the shoulders and the shoulder blades (measure 1)
✔️  The tape measure must be comfortably fitting, but not too tight.
✔️  Please note that the measures 1 and 4 are circumferences!
✔️  Measure twice, just to be sure. Praise the dog with treats!